A mentoring program that offers girls an opportunity to work on attitude, poise, and self-esteem while strengthening self-perception. Physical self-image has a direct correlation to how others perceive us as well as how we perceive ourselves. Low self-esteem results in the possibility of depression as well as low performance and a feeling of self-loath. This program is designed to help young girls unlock the DIVA (Divine, Inspirational, Virtuous, and Anointed) in them.

Boys will participate in a structured mentoring program of support with their male mentor. This program will enhance the young man’s self-perception while show them the true meaning of being Sealed with a Gift SWAG.

Turn Around will focus on youth who are chronically in trouble in the classroom. The goal of this program is to rekindle the youth’s commitment to learning and being successful in the classroom. By empowering young people to finish school, the mentor’s main focus will be to improve the student’s success in the world as a productive citizen.

Changing Faces engages youth who are involved in the juvenile court system. The mentoring relationship is utilized to establish a program of change in the young person’s life. The mentor encourages goal setting, self-discipline, and skill development that improve the young person’s sense of defeat and hopelessness. Mentors and youth work one on one for three months and are also offered opportunities to participate in monthly groups and activities.